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Locksmith Locked Out at Muntinlupa City

Locked out services at Muntinlupa City call us now 09985823718 / 02 8995261 / 02 3981437

locksmith services at muntinlupa city


How To Unlock a Door

Available Locksmith’s Tips

It is not unusual to find yourself behind a locked door with no key in sight.
Try following these few simple steps that rely on common objects you can find around the house in order to unlock the door:

  • Step 1: look for a screwdriver, an Allan wrench, a grinder, a metal paper clip, a straight pin, and a safety pin. These will prove helpful later on in unlocking a door.
  • Step 2: pick up the screwdriver, insert it into the keyhole, and make sure the screwdriver fits comfortably in the lock. Then, gently wiggle it around, trying to unlock it the door.
  • Step 3: get the Allan wrench and use the grinder to shave some metal off it so it fits nicely into the key hole. Once you have it just the right thickness, try to wiggle it around until the door unlocks.
  • Step 4: get the metal paper clip, straighten it, and then make a small loop at its end. Insert the loop into the lock and try to unlock it by moving the lock pins into place.
  • Step 5: use a straight pin and try to unlock the lock by inserting it into the key hole and moving it around.
  • Step 6: take the metal safety pin and insert it into the lock. Move it around until the door unlocks.

If none of this works, or if you want the professionals to do it for you,
simply call us at (02) 8995261 / 09985823718 and one of our professional locksmiths will soon arrive and save the day.

Emergency Lockout service. Although some of the newer locks are getting extremely difficult to pick with the right technique most doors can be opened with no damage

Proof of ownership is required

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