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Mailbox,File Cabinet,Toolbox Lockout & Key Replacement


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While pesky junk mail often leaves us wishing we did not have a mailbox at all, a lock problem with your mailbox lock when you’re expecting an important package or letter may have you wishing you knew a reliable locksmith. Well at 5 Aces Locksmith  your wish is our command! Have lost keys or damaged and broken locks in your home or office left you locked out of the mailbox? Let us end your lockout by performing a simple lock repair or cutting a new key. Excuse the pun when we say we do the most commercial business in Metro Manila , so we guarantee you’ll be satisfied by our superior customer service.

File Cabinet Lockout & Key Replacement

Unlike virus-susceptible hard drives, file cabinets provide a concrete file storage system for your home, office or other place of business. However, this concrete method leaves you vulnerable to a lock problem such as a sticky lock or lost keys. An old file cabinet has a way of becoming broken or damaged with a jammed lock, even though nobody ever seems to touch it. Fortunately, the technicians at Locksmith Portland also have a way to unlock, replace keys or perform commercial lock repair with the ease and serenity of a cool summer breeze. Even if you aren’t locked out, a set of new keys may prevent future emergencies. No matter the request, call Locksmith Portland for reliable file cabinet lockout and key replacement services across the entire Portland, OR, area.

Toolbox Lockout & Key Replacement

If anyone can understand the impact of not having access to their toolbox, it’s the hardworking technicians at Locksmith Portland. When you have a job that requires a toolbox, damaged or broken locks that leave you locked out can prevent you from doing your job. Whether it’s a lost key or jammed lock, we can cut a new key or replace your toolbox lock to have you back to work as soon as possible. The dedicated blue-collar men of Portland, OR, need a trustworthy locksmith to rely on, and Locksmith Portland provides the superior customer service to step in to that role.

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