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How To Fix The Car Doors That Won’t Open Either Side?


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Cars! They are everywhere. We travel a very long distance sometimes even a short one. They become a part in all your voyages. However, it is hard when they get repaired. Of course, while traveling, if anything is wrong with the vehicle, this issue will lead us to frustration.

Most of the complaints that arise from the car users are – I can’t open my car door. Yes, this issue comes often. We can see this problem in seven to ten years old cars. Though you open, car door won’t open. Now, we shall see the remedies to fix the car doors that won’t open either side.

The following simple technique will save your money and expertise your car skill. Follow the given instructions to sort out the hidden problem in your car door.

How To Fix The Car Doors That Won’t Open Either Side?

Fixing Technique
How to Fix the Door?
1. Lubrication Method
2. Broken Key
3. Remove the Door Panel
4. Door Latch
5. Final Call
Safety Precaution while Working on Car Related Problems

Fixing Technique

Before getting into action, prelims are a must. Have a checklist which includes the hardware tools. Secondly, check whether your car door locked from inside. Because some people have the habit of locking it from inside, so don’t get confused.

The tools we suggest are:

  • Ratchet
  • Socket
  • Screwdriver set
  • L pick
  • Lubricant

Keep a safety first aid kit with you at a fetchable distance and socket organizer too. First, we will see why the door is stuck.

The car doors get stuck when there is an uncertain cold weather condition. This leads to the door lock inactive. Another enemy hiding within which makes the car door’s lock inactive is the dirt that froze on springs, and the lock doesn’t work. Sometimes the gets locked, but with a simple lubrication it the problem will be rectified.

1. Lubrication Method

If you couldn’t open your car door, then add some lubrication. Lubricate the door lock tumbler with the help of graphite powder and this will help the frozen lock to work properly. This method can be only applicable when your door jammed with cold temperature.

2. Broken Key

Sometimes your key will be broken or worn out. Thus your car door won’t open. Make sure whether your car key is perfectly right. If not, you must need a spare key. Don’t shake the key and try to open the car door. This action will make your door jammed.

car door won't open

3. Remove the Door Panel

If the above methods didn’t work, we have to analyze inside the door.

Remove the panel of the door to snook out the problem. Take your screwdriver set and detach the screws from the door panel. Important note: It is better when you start removing the screws from the bottom of the car door panel.

Disconnect the electric connection that is attached to the door panel. Keep all the screws which you removed in an undisturbed place. And you won’t search for a missing screw. Once you finish removing the screw, hold the bottom of the door panel. Then slightly lift it upwards and give a shake so that the panel will come separately.

Most cars have a plastic cover inside the door panel to prevent the running water inside. Remove those plastics cover. Now we can solve the problem inside the panel that prevents the door from opening.

Later when you remove the panel and the plastic cover inside it, check for any uncertainty with the mechanism. If you cannot open your lock from outside, then there is a problem with the shafts inside.

Since the contact between the holder and the shaft is less the door cannot be opened from outside. To solve this problem, attach a nut at the end of the shaft and stick it firmly. Thus the shaft can have a tight grip to open the door from outside.

If still, you face a problem in opening the door, then you can check the lock assembly, to check for any broken parts inside the lock assembly. In other cases, there will be a hurdle with the door lock motor.

Cars have power locking system. This locking system is operated will a door lock motor, which moves the rod to unlock or to lock the door. You can give a trail to sort out the problem. If it is not proper in condition, obviously it needs a replacement.

broken key car repair services at manila

4. Door Latch

Some people will dash the door very hard while closing. This, when repeated for a long time, it will cause a damage to the door. Especially in car door latch. Sometimes the latch will get stuck inside the door. So you have to analyze the cause of the problem.

5. Final Call

your car doors won't open

If you are tired and fed up with all methods, then you can call the locksmith. He has some ample number of ways to open a locked door. Later you can consult with a mechanic to solve the problem. 02 8995261 or 09985823718, 02 3981437

In certain cases, the whole locking system needs to be changed. On the other hand, the door of the car must be replaced.

Safety Precaution while Working on Car Related Problems

  • Switch off the car alarm. When you get stuck inside the car or your car door is stuck, switch off the car alarm. Because when you work, the alarm might automatically start on.
  • Informing the neighbor will give you a safeguard. When the alarm goes, there won’t be any misunderstanding.
  • Make sure that you have all the records on your car (Car documents). Suppose you got stuck in a strange place, the cops may enquire you.

Many of the car doors won’t open because they lack maintenance. Good maintenance will prolong the life of a car or anything that matters. When your car door is stuck, don’t jam the door more by hitting or by kicking it.

While working with the door panel, handle it with care or else it might lead you to some great expense. Get a good advice and counseling before you start the work. An expert’s advice is always a notable one. Keep the first aid kit besides you, in the case on any injuries grab a band aid and tie it around.

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